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Travel the maps of   Wiloxsleve and Belkscliff, explore the castle's floor plans, and study the linage and timeline charts of those who entered the portal.*


* maps, charts, and floor plans available only through this website.


Get a complete, spiral bound appendix; including maps, glossary, timeline, floor plans and more.

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Down a dark corridor that ebbs between the shadows of time and alternate dimensions,

Taleighka fearlessly eludes the clutches of her masters.

Although abducted and forced into slavery as a child,

she does not outwardly display the scars of a frail and empty-eyed servant.

    Instead, she has grown agile and ardent. In this strength,

she must fearlessly push forward to unfurl the secrets of a 300-year-old riddle.

A riddle, if not solved, will bind her in an abhorrent marriage

to the son of the man who sanctioned her fatherís murder,

and enchain her people in bondage forever .







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