Graylinger G rotto                                                               Return

  Written by:

 Algernon Michael Roark




ISBN: 9781592996315

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 94 PAGES of Captivating Story


Color Illustrations

  When Subito Treblecleft, a young, impaired cricket, found a gem, a precious gem of jade and gold, with in the vicinity of home, he was clueless to its identity.

                  Having been warned about the dangers of external beauty, he went to his mother, Fermata Treblecleft, to seek her advise. As it turned out, neither his mother nor any other member of the musical family knew what this beautiful ornament was.


 Desperate for answers, they set out to find the Great One T, their long-forgotten ancestral mother. What was this object Subito had found? What effect would it have on his disability and on future generations of the musical crickets Bannerset Bay?


Bluemberstar, a young firefly; Carrion Xavian Rooker, an exceptional juvenile of the crow family; Almatess, a worker ants are some of the characters in this marvelous tale about change and the unseen things in life.

Illustrated by: Ginger Triplett