Born Ginger Lauraine Randolph,  


 Is currently residing Arizona.  She has lived in many places, including the Dominican Republic.

 Is  married, has children

and grandchildren, and cat named Minuette.

She enjoys teaching and being taught.


  I love learning about the Bible, computer programs, photography, painting and digital art, earth-friendly construction, gardening, tree houses; and foreign countries, their languages and culture.


I am, primarily, a digital illustrator with more that fifteen years of experience in computer generated art. You can find many published books, on the market that have covers and interior artwork that bear my name as the illustrator. Having  a very wide range of artistic abilities, you will find artwork that is realistic as well as cartooned. Too, as a published children's book author, I understand the time and cost of publishing an illustrated book, which can be of help if you are a first-time publishing author.

 Some Favorites

 Stories:  "Esther", "Jane Eyre", "Phantom of the Opera", "The Time Machine" and "Dinotopia"

Movies: "Ever After", "Gaslight", "The Castaways"

"The Goonies" and "Pride and Prejudice"

Art: Renaissance Period

But, I do and enjoy viewing other styles of art, too.

Things I Love: The Kingdom Hall, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Foggy beaches, Warm tropical rain,  Gardenias and Fields of wildflowers, People laughing and Children chattering.

Well, to sum it up...

"I prefer little towns to big cities; star-filled nights instead of city lights, flip-flops before stilettos, beachcombing to shopping malls, quiet foreign villages to crowded tourist resorts, and board games with friends and family rather than a night on the town."


Thank you for visiting my website,

Ginger Triplett




Book Illustration

Book Cover Design

Drawing and Painting 

Fantasy Art


Animal Illustration

Nature Illustration 

Still Life Painting 

Graphic Design 

Logos design

Business card

Greeting card

Special card

Nature Photography 

Magazine photography

Mixed media


Children's Book Writing 

Fiction Writing 

Poetry Writing



Digital (CGA/CGI)


Pen and ink



Paper Cutout 

and Popup Book Art